Nothing Wasted

A lesson of this season has been that with God, nothing is wasted. Nothing. Not a teardrop. Not a mistake. Not an unanswered question, nor a broken relationship. Not a dying dream, nor a hard fall. Not a futile attempt, not an incorrect perception. Not a careless action, nor a repeated pitfall. Not a costly misjudgment, not an angry reaction, not a painful consequence. Nothing hurtful, nothing ugly, nothing that shames, troubles or discourages.

He wastes not a single piece of our lives. Even the things that seem inconsequential. Nothing is beyond or beneath redemption. Nothing too far for hope or too small for care. He takes the meaningless and makes it meaningful. He ponders what no one else thinks of and collects things discarded on the wayside. Somehow, every single piece of my life will be brought together in significance and good. Every season I thought I failed, or year I feared to have lost.

Life moves on. I take some things with me. Others I leave behind. Some because they’re too painful to carry forwards and I know not how to resolve them. Others because I simply don’t have the space in my life to carry it all. But anything left or forgotten, whether esteemed or shunned, is still held by Him. He leaves nothing out. He finds a place of meaning for it all. If necessary, He brings it round again to redeem it. Nothing is wasted.

So here in this season, I don’t have to have all the answers. I don’t have to hold on for dear life. He holds on for me. He will let nothing slip. And no matter what the outcome of current scenarios, I know that they will not be wasted, though it may take me years to see.


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