Recap 2012: Photography

In 2012 I undertook several new ventures. I have always threatened (myself) to quit everything else and go study art. This last semester I made true on that promise (well, except for the quitting-everything-else part). I finally decided that this impulse wasn’t going anywhere, and I needed to get behind a pencil and a camera. So I took my first art classes–one in digital photography and one in freehand drawing. I have to say, it is incredibly satisfying to get to the end of a year and know that you have actually done something you have always wanted to do. Perhaps more importantly, I reached the end of this year feeling like I had become more of somebody I want to be.

So I would like to share with you some of the progress of my daring greatly. Part one, right here, is just a few of my pictures from the past 4 months. They’re all in order of progression, and all of people, because I discovered that I’m not very interested in photos that don’t have faces in them. Thankfully, I am surrounded by some very beautiful people who don’t mind being on the other end of my camera!




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